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Custom Billet Race Car Parts for Drag Racing and Dragsters. Dzus Fasteners, Transbrake Buttons, Billet Water Necks, Electric Shifter Solenoids, Dial In Board Brackets and 12pt Billet Lug Nuts.

Racers ourselves, we spend a tremendous amount of time researching, developing and testing to offer you what we feel are "The Coolest Parts Available" for your race cars.

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Engine Saddle Clamps

Perfect for Dragsters and Race Cars that use a saddle clamp mount of the front engine plates.  These are specifically designed for 1 1/4" top rails that use a 1 3/8" saddle mount.  For the most part these are a direct replacement to the commonly used t-bolt clamps.

Racers ourselves, We spent time researching and testing these saddle clamps.  They have worked extremely well in the racing conditions we have put them through.

Made in U.S.A.