Drag Race Solutions ~ Custom Billet Race Car Parts, Collector Tethers & Just-N-Time Transbrake Buttons for Drag Racing!

Custom Billet Race Car Parts for Drag Racing and Dragsters. Dzus Fasteners, Transbrake Buttons, Billet Water Necks, Electric Shifter Solenoids, Dial In Board Brackets and 12pt Billet Lug Nuts.

Racers ourselves, we spend a tremendous amount of time researching, developing and testing to offer you what we feel are "The Coolest Parts Available" for your race cars.

Dealer Information



Thank you for your interest. We strive to provide the best products and service to our customers as possible. We also take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. 99% of our products, materials and components are Made in the U.S.A.

Buy In Requirements

Dealer Status is reserved for legitimate business operators who have a registered business location or online e-commerce website.

A one time $2,000 buy-in at retail value is required. Your initial purchase will reflect Dealer pricing at a 15% to 35% discount depending on the product categories purchased from. No minimum purchase is required once the initial buy-in has been met. An minimum annual purchase of $1,000 is required to maintain your dealer status.

We reserve the right to pull your dealership status at any time due to but not limited to - Not meeting our annual purchase requirements, Not following our retail pricing guidelines, False Representation or Insubordination.


Accounts will be set up to purchase with a credit card on our website at dealer pricing. Credit terms are available with approval.


Standard ground shipping is paid on orders of $1,000 or more. A $3.5 Handling Charge will apply to orders less than $1k not placed on our website.

Drop Shipping

This is available directly on our website or we can drop ship using your shipper number. A $3.5 Handling Charge will apply to all drop ships not ordered on our website.

Retail Pricing

Although we do not have a MAP pricing structure at this time, we ask that you respect the recommended retail pricing listed on our website to uphold the integrity of the value of our products. At this time we have not had a problem with any of our dealers adhering to this request.

Product Liability Insurance

We hold a 2 Million Dollar Product Liability Policy so you can feel confident in selling our products to your customers.


Contact Us - HERE if you have interest in becoming a dealer.

Thank you,

Scott Lemen & Lynn Ellison