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Collector Tethers Instructions

Merge Collector Sizing: Collector Clamps have a minimal amount of adjustability. Use next size up if collector size exceeds .050 in diameter.

Our stainless steel collector and primary tube clamps are both 3/4” wide and .025 thick.

First start by finding the best location on the collector for the clamp either at the small throat of a merge collector, or after the primary tube combination on standard collectors.  Take into consideration any tabs, crank case evacuation or o2 sensor bungs when sizing.

From the centerline of that point measure to where the primary tube clamp will be located.  This clamp will need to be installed over the tube at the upper part of the header and slid down to the lowest / closest point of the header tube to the collector.  Make sure you have a minimum of .030 clearance with other tubes to obtain the location you are going to, or you can always disassemble the header to reach this point.

Once you have the location of where both clamps will be located, measure from the centerline of each location to obtain the approximate length.  From that point adjust accordingly the primary clamp location and choose the appropriate length Collector Tether for your headers.

Although we feel we have designed 3 standard length tethers that will meet the majority of needs, our Custom Length tethers are also available for the special needs application, and can be ordered from 8 inches to 36 inches in length.

Installing your Collector Tethers™ Tethers - Use of the included anti-seize is required when installing the lock nuts.