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Custom Billet Race Car Parts for Drag Racing and Dragsters. Dzus Fasteners, Transbrake Buttons, Billet Water Necks, Electric Shifter Solenoids, Dial In Board Brackets and 12pt Billet Lug Nuts.

Racers ourselves, we spend a tremendous amount of time researching, developing and testing to offer you what we feel are "The Coolest Parts Available" for your race cars.

About Us

Collector Tethers was founded by respected NHRA Sportsman racers Scott Lemen and Lynn Ellison.  The company was new to the industry in 2013, but offers a combined 60 years of racing knowledge behind it.  Founders Lemen and Ellison, two lifelong racers and friends, have won multiple NHRA Championships, and National and Divisional Events to go along with a list of Big Money Bracket Races.

Collector Tethers were developed following the release of the 2014 NHRA General Rule Revision requiring a header collector tethering device on all removable exhaust collectors beginning January 1, 2014.  Collector Tethers are NHRA Accepted and Patented.

“We feel we know drag racers as well as anyone, possibly better” says Scott Lemen who is also the owner, one of the top sportsman internet websites.  “As Drag Racers, we’re notably against change and especially requirements.  But once we understand that there have been multiple safety issues regarding a product or procedure and that people have been hurt from the issue, we usually understand the requirement”.

Lemen and Ellison got together upon hearing about the mandate for 2014 and worked closely among themselves and NHRA to develop Collector Tethers.

“We knew they had to be simple and shiny” said Ellison.  “Racers understand purpose, but if something is complicated or hideous looking, they will reject it”.  “Collector Tethers are 100% stainless steel in construction, weigh under 1 lb. total, and take less than 10 minutes to install”.  “Even on dragsters you literally can’t see the product other than the 3/4” stainless steel strap on the collectors when positioned properly”

“NHRA decided that it was time to prevent issues with collectors coming off.  We’ve seen injuries to people on the starting line, and delays competition for the racers.  So we responded” said Lemen.  Both Lemen and Ellison have been at the track when competing cars have lost header collectors and personally seen the damage they can do to crewmembers, spectators and race cars.

“It’s not pretty when someone gets hit on the starting line by a collector flying out from underneath a car during a 100 mph plus burnout.” stated Ellison.  Ironically after the decision was made to pursue this venture, Lynn had one of his own collectors come off of his Super Gas car while testing in Bowling Green, KY.  The collector exited from underneath the car during the burnout and hit another racers crew member, requiring medical attention by the track paramedics.

“That really made me a believer in what we were doing.  I felt horrible injuring someone!” stated Ellison.  “We hope the other sanctioning bodies recognize the lead that NHRA has taken on this and follow suit immediately”.

Collector Tethers are available in 4 different fixed lengths, or a universal “cut to fit” length tether.  The simple and eye pleasing products also offers optional primary and collector diameter applications from 1 5/8” to 7 1/4”.  Collector Tethers were designed to work on everything from Heavy Bracket to Pro Stock race cars, including those applications with Tri-Y, Merge Collectors, long Megaphone Collectors and Borla style mufflers.

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Scott Lemen and Lynn Ellison